Movie Talks

Movie Talks is an  opportunity for citizens to engage in conversations about diversity, unity, and inclusion using movie viewings as a platform for beginning a facilitated discussion. “Movie Talks” offers viewings for adults and children/youth and creates an opportunity to build new relationships, increase understanding of others, and promote mutual respect.

These conversations are FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!! FREE popcorn and a drink are also provided. 

Unity Through Arts

Unity Though Arts is designed to create and promote programing through multi-sensory experiences to include but not limited to: Events and Performances, Music, Theatre, Video and Digital Arts, and Visual Arts. The goal of this program is to expose, develop and foster an appreciation and understanding of the diversity and unification of the Arts. 

LGBTQ Awareness

Our LGBTQ Awareness initiative is designed to provide educational and awareness programming that increases opportunities for interaction and engagement with the LGBTQ community. Additionally, programming will illuminate resources available to the LGBTQ community.

Diversity College

The Hampton Diversity College (HDC) is a multi-level and interactive educational program that concentrates on increasing knowledge on the value of diversity, unity, and inclusion in contemporary workplaces and in our community.

Hot Button “Fish Bowl” Conversation

A conversation series allowing people to discuss current events impacting local, national, and international communities. Broad topics are: 

  • Privilege:  As it relates to the advantages and disadvantages in society. 
  • Mental Health: Concentrating on societal responses to mental wellness and the effects of those responses in the community. 
  • Violence: Examining the impacts of intended harm in minority and broader communities, and its effects on society.

The conversations will include individuals who have been impacted by current events, advocates, and experts who can share their thoughts and experiences. Participants will learn why these topics are relevant and find out how they can connect to available resources to promote the flourishing and sustainability of our community. Some topics may include issues that create temporary discomfort in order to achieve long-term understanding.

Hampton Health Equity Initiative

The Hampton Health Equity Initiative aims to increase access and acceptance of health recommendations and demonstrate effectiveness of implementation of culturally appropriate health literacy strategies for better health outcomes in racial and socially vulnerable communities and groups.

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