E-scooter rental

nf-scooterElectric scooters are available for rent in Hampton. Lime, which operates in 100 areas worldwide, including Norfolk and Roanoke, has an agreement with the City of Hampton for a pilot project, which began Sept. 4, 2021.

Riders must be at least 18 years of age to operate scooters. Speed limits in Hampton are set to 15 miles per hour.


lime scooter expanded map April 2022The Lime scooter operating area expanded in April 2022 to include Buckroe and the Pembroke Avenue corridor connecting downtown Hampton to the expanded area and Phoebus. Previously, scooters were allowed in the Phoebus and downtown Hampton areas but riders could not travel between locations. 

The blue area in the map is the already existing operating area; purple  shows the expanded area. The red area around Phoebus High School indicates the area excluded from scooter operation.

Initially, scooters were available only in the downtown and Phoebus areas. 

Initial Launch

As part of the launch of 250 scooters, Lime hosted a First Ride Academy safety training session at City Hall on the first day, Sept. 4. First Ride events are interactive safety sessions designed to educate riders on the best practices to safely ride the scooters and follow Hampton’s rules of the road, including a hands-on safety course and helmet giveaways.

“Scooters are available in many cities and provide a convenient, fun way for visitors to get to attractions and see the area," said Robin McCormick, city spokesperson. "The initial pilot area focuses on downtown and Phoebus, two of our busiest restaurant districts, and also could help reduce demand for parking as well."

"Lime is incredibly excited about serving the City of Hampton and working to create a safe, enjoyable, and meaningful experience for residents and visitors alike," said Robert Gardner, director of government relations at Lime. "We are the largest, most experienced shared electric vehicle provider in the commonwealth, but we build our programs to meet the unique needs of every city we serve.” 


How do I find a scooter? Lime Horizontal logo

To find a Lime scooter, open the Lime app and click on one of the vehicles on the map screen. The map screen will show you all available Lime vehicles in your area. If you don’t see any vehicle icons displayed on the map, zoom out to search a wider area. Scooters may be picked up and must be returned to approved parking zones. Those "corrals" will be visible in the Lime app (available in application stores). 

How much does it cost to ride?

Trips start at $3 for 6 minutes; then 32 cents per minute after that. Under a special access arrangement for lower-income people, Lime will offer 70% off regular pricing to recipients receiving federal, state, or local subsidy (50 cents to unlock and 7 cents per minute to ride.) Apply here.

How do I start my ride? 

To unlock a Lime vehicle, simply open the Lime app and tap on the "Scan" button at the bottom of the screen. From here, either scan the QR code on the scooter's handlebars using your phone’s camera or manually enter the 6-digit vehicle code located beneath the QR code. Most people will pay and unlock the scooters from a smartphone app, but people without smartphones will be able to text to unlock a scooter. Get more information about non-smart-phone options.

What are the rules for riding?

People may ride scooters on sidewalks unless there is a bike path. On sidewalks, riders must yield to pedestrians, give an audible signal before overtaking or passing a pedestrian, and ride single file. Riders are encouraged, but not required, to wear bike helmets.

What happens if I try to take the scooter out of allowable area?

You won't be able to. It will stop.

Where should I end my ride? 

When you've completed your ride, you are responsible for parking the vehicle correctly. See the Lime app for locations.

Can I ride between Phoebus and downtown?

Not at this time. The two pilot areas are not connected.

What if I have more questions?

Get more information at Lime's Help page.