LaSalle Avenue Corridor Resiliency Plan

The LaSalle Avenue Corridor Resiliency Plan is a joint roadway study undertaken by the City of Hampton and Langley Air Force Base. It was completed in late 2021 with Department of Defense grant funding.

The video below provides an overview of the contents of the study document, including anticipated impacts of flooding on the geographic area of interest, and proposed courses of action to address the challenge. 

lasalle corridor resiliency image


The LaSalle Gate currently serves 30-35% of the Air Force Base’s traffic. Access to this gate via the LaSalle corridor, shown in red in the image, is at risk of flooding under future conditions of sea level rise. 


This study analyzes the impacts of flooding on the roadway and surrounding areas. Based on those findings, it identifies three courses of action for project interventions to address flood risk for base access. Certain identified projects also mitigate flood risk for the Riverdale neighborhood. 

Public Comment Period

The City of Hampton and Langley Air Force Base shared the findings of the study and solicited public comment during two open house meetings and an online public comment form in March 2022. Comments received were documented alongside the study to inform future decision making. You can read more about the public comment process and comments received in this summary document (PDF).