No Parking on Lawns

no park on lawn carBeginning July 1, 2022, Hampton residents will no longer be able to park on their front lawns if parking is allowed on their street. Neighbors have complained that a yard full of cars is unsightly and lowers values of nearby properties. For the record, no one is being required to install a driveway.  The city has grants available to assist people who don’t have driveways and want to install one, especially those who have limited means. Residents must obtain a permit before installing a driveway. Parking temporarily, such as during flooding, city-permitted event, street sweeping, washing your car, or loading and unloading is allowed.

Improving neighborhoods

This is one of several measures that City Council made after requests from residents and neighborhood associations who want to improve the look of their neighborhoods and boost property values.  Other measures include a regulation to limit inoperable vehicles, clutter and overgrown shrubbery.

No on-street parking

If on-street parking is not permitted on one or both sides of your street, you may park your car/cars on your lawn. Those signs are marked on this map. On-street parking also is not allowed on many main thoroughfares, which have only travel lanes.

How do I apply for a grant?

Anyone who does not have an existing driveway is eligible, but people with less financial means will get preference. If you are approved for the grant, you will hire and pay a contractor and can ten get reimbursed up to $2,250. *PLEASE NOTE* DO NOT PROCEED TO HAVE ANY WORK DONE UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN APPROVED FOR THE GRANT. Even with a submitted application, you are not guaranteed grant funds. If a curb cut or apron is required, you may be eligible for additional funds. You can also call the 311 citizen contact center (727-8311 from a landline).