Downtown Hampton Projects

The Downtown Hampton project concepts identified below for Honor Park Resilience Park and Mill Point Living Shoreline, will work together to address multiple forms of flooding and create an activated public space in Downtown Hampton. Together, the projects will be a model for resilience in this highly visible location. 

The Downtown Hampton projects are in their early design stages. As project details are developed, we will host public engagement sessions to gather questions and feedback. The projects will be aligned with the Downtown Hampton, Phoebus, and Buckroe Water Plan. 

Honor Park Resilience Park 

This project will transform the existing Honor Park located between Hampton City Hall and the Hampton Public Safety Building. The project will maintain existing memorials while utilizing a mix of gray and green infrastructure approaches to increase stormwater storage in the park.

Honor Park Image

Mill Point Living Shoreline 

This project will install a living shoreline around the extent of Mill Point Park to the city-owned parking lot on Lincoln Street. The project will both stabilize the shoreline with an alternate to hardened approaches, while also creating an off-shore sill of rock and oyster reef to reduce wave energy impacts at the water’s edge. Mill Point was identified for a living shoreline to improve water quality in the Hampton River and help the City meet its pollution reduction goals. The project will also create a more varied and interesting landscape for residents and the general public to enjoy.

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Mill Point Living Shoreline