Supplemental Assessments

When new construction and/or additions and/or enhancements are completed, or a tax-exempt property becomes taxable, a supplemental assessment may be made. Supplemental assessments are authorized by the Code of Virginia.

 Supplemental assessments for new construction and/or additions and/or enhancements relates solely to the increase of improvement value.

Supplemental assessments for exempt property becoming taxable relates to the change in tax status of both land and improvement value.

 The supplemental assessment represents a pro rata portion of the value being added for the remaining days of the current tax billing year, or the portion of the year that the formerly exempt property has been taxable. 

 A supplemental assessment notice will inform the property owner of the increased assessment being added to the improvement value from the current assessment valuation of January 1. Property owners may appeal a supplemental assessment within thirty (30) days of the date of the supplemental assessment notice.

Please contact our office for an application if you wish to appeal.