Special Elections Candidate

General Information

For candidates in a special election held on a date other than a regularly scheduled general election:

  • All reports must be legible.
  • You must report activity for each special election separately.

Reporting Schedule

Refer to the section addressing the type of office sought to determine where to file reports. If a special election is held on a regularly scheduled general election day, follow the schedule listed for the general election for the office sought. Otherwise, observe the schedule below:

  • Not later than April 15 of the election year complete through March 31
  • Eight days before the first Tuesday in May for the period ending 11 days before that Tuesday


  • Report in writing by 5 p.m. on the following day any contribution of more than $500 received between the period of 11 days before the election and Election Day. If received within 72 hours before election day, report by the day before the election.
  • You must report before taking office and no later than 30 days after the special election.
  • This report is usually filed as soon as the results of the election are certified by the State Board of Elections or, for local offices not shared by more than one city, by the local Electoral Board. It must include, at a minimum, all activity through the date of the election.

The certificate of election cannot be issued and the successful candidate cannot take office until this report is filed. Unless otherwise provided by charter, anyone elected in a special election must qualify and take the oath of office not later than 30 days after the election.

Thereafter, each January 15 (for the period ending December 31) and each July 15 (for the period ending June 30) any funds remaining, outstanding debts, or any unreported funds are received until a final report is filed.

Final Report

The final report must set forth:

  • All previously unreported receipts and disbursements
  • An accounting of the retirement of all debts
  • A detail of the disposition of all surplus funds

Surplus funds may be legally spent. You, the candidate, must sign the termination statement provided on the reporting form.

For More Information

For more information, contact the voting registrar's office at (757) 727-6218.