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Healthy Stages

The Healthy Families Partnership created a 28 edition series of newsletters titled Healthy Stages.These newsletters are provided free to all families with children in Hampton.Families with children under the age of 5 register to receive them in the mail.School age newsletters are sent in the mail through a partnership with Hampton City Schools.

The Healthy Stages issues provide information on child development from the second trimester of pregnancy through high school. Each issue focuses on ways to nurture your child and yourself, developmental milestones, age-appropriate activities for your child, immunization schedules, safety tips, where to turn for more information, and how to stay happy as you and your child grow and mature together.

Healthy Stages Edition Packages

The Healthy Families Partnership offers to communities the opportunity to purchase any or all editions for their families.There are several options a community can choose.
  • Healthy Stages newsletters can be purchased by edition in any quantity.
  • Healthy Stages newsletters can be purchased by edition with your customized logo as the return address. There is a minimum quantity please ask for a quote.
  • A community can contract with Healthy Families Partnership to mail the newsletters on behalf of your community.

Bulk pricing for the newsletters is based on the number of editions purchased, whether a customized logo is being used, whether the customized logo is in color and how many colors, and the total quantity of newsletters.Each newsletter request is individually priced based on market prices from the printer at the time of the order.Shipping charges are additional for bulk orders.Price varies depending on the quantity ordered.The more copies ordered the lower the per copy price.

For a price quote please email us.