Capital Improvement Projects

The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a 5-year financing and construction/acquisition plan for projects that require significant capital investment. It is a short-term planning tool used for the implementation of the City’s long-term goals. The plan identifies projects and major capital needs along with their costs; ranks them by priority; develops yearly schedules for each project’s expenses and matches the City’s capital needs with a funding source or sources. Capital Improvement Projects have different funding sources, including City funds, SMART SCALE, VDOT Locally Administered Projects (LAP) funding, and more.

Each year, the CIP must be updated and extended 1 year into the future so that it remains a 5-year plan. Each locality establishes its own criteria for capital projects. For the City of Hampton, a capital project must have a minimum cost of $50,000 and a life expectancy of at least 5 years. Projects can include any of the following: acquisition, improvement or maintenance of facilities, equipment, and/or services. All of these projects are classified into one of seven Council Strategic Priority Categories. These categories include:

  • Economic Growth
  • Living With Water
  • Place Making
  • Educated Citizenry
  • Safe and Clean Community
  • Family Resiliency and Economic Empowerment
  • Excellence in Government

When a large capital expenditure is needed for the construction or renovation of the City’s infrastructure, Engineering Services is responsible for managing the project to ensure compliance with design, construction, fiscal, and scheduling commitments. Depending on the type and scope of the project, design is accomplished using in-house staff or consultants.

You can view the City’s current CIP projects on the map below. Click the colored lines to see project names and get more details below the map.


Grant Street Roadway

This $6.4M State and Local Revenue Sharing project will extend the Grant Street corridor from Armistead Avenue on the east side to Grant Circle at McAllister Street on the west side. The project includes an extension of Condor Street on the north side and a connection to North Stewart Street on the south side. These roadway improvements, in addition to the stormwater management, pedestrian, and on-street parking amenities, are intended to service a future residential subdivision. This project currently is under design and anticipated to begin construction by the Fall of 2023.

Little Back River Road Reconstruction (Segment A)

LBBR typicalThis VDOT SMART SCALE funded project will extend approximately 0.8 miles along Little Back River Road from Riverchase Drive to Clemwood Parkway. The purpose of the project is to improve land use accessibility by providing pedestrian and bicycle accommodations; improve drainage along Little Back River Road and as conveyance for the surrounding watershed; and bring roadway geometrics up to current standards. The proposed improvements consist of a two-lane curb and gutter facility with a 5-foot sidewalk on the east side and a 10-foot, shared-use path on the west side. Additional improvements include improved street lighting and the addition of a right turn lane at Clemwood Parkway.

Little Back River Road Reconstruction (Segment B)

Little Back River Road (Segment B) will follow and complement Little Back River Road (Segment A) by providing geometric and typical section safety improvements from Clemwood Parkway to Harris Creek Road, approximately 1.2 miles in length. Realignment and reconstruction improvements to this urban collector facility will provide improved horizontal geometry and a more consistent three-lane typical section (one lane each direction and a two-way center left turn lane) to accommodate the closely spaced driveways and access points. Also included with the project will be a shared-use path facility, an ADA-compliant sidewalk, improved signing and striping, improved drainage, street lighting upgrades, and utility relocation as required. The project received SMART SCALE funding from VDOT.

N. King Street (Segment IV)

Federal Urban funds as well as State and Local Revenue Sharing funds were appropriated for this $3.2M project currently under construction. Improvements to N. King Street from Pembroke Avenue to Quash Street include realigning, repaving, and restriping N. King Street, adding a wide sidewalk on the east side, adding a right turn lane on Pembroke Avenue, and upgrading the traffic signal system at the signalized intersection. An emergency repair currently is underway to replace the failing Brights Creek culvert, which will require a full road closure between Randolph Street and Quash Street until the end of 2022. The overall project is anticipated to be completed in the Spring of 2023.

N. King Street (Segment V)

This $5M SMART SCALE project will install the missing segment of the shared‐use path along the east side of N. King Street, between Quash Street and Old Fox Hill Road, to create a continuous bicycle and pedestrian facility between Downtown and the Langley Air Force Base gate. Between Quash Street and Riprap Road, the road will be repaved and restriped from a four‐lane to a three‐lane section including a median choice lane for left turns. There will not be any roadway modifications north of Riprap Road. Design is anticipated to begin in the Fall of 2025.

Pine Chapel Road

This $5M State and Local Revenue Sharing project will add the missing sidewalk along the south side of Pine Chapel Road, between Coliseum Drive and the Convention Center back entrance just east of the Saville Row intersection. The pavement will be repaved and restriped from a four-lane to a three-lane section, including a median choice lane for left turns, to match the existing section of Pine Chapel Road east of Saville Row. This project also will include the installation of a new sanitary force main from the Convention Center back entrance to the exiting pump station across Commerce Drive. Design is anticipated to begin in the Fall of 2024.

For more information on Capital Projects, check out the City Council Approved Budget.