Inventory Log

Citizen Inventory Log

The Hampton Police Division has developed an inventory log to assist citizens in preserving their property's information. This information can become extremely important if your property is lost, damaged in a fire or natural disaster, or stolen in a crime. Please download the inventory log (PDF) and take the time to fill in your property's information. You should record any property that you consider expensive or important to you. Store the log in a safe or lock box for safe keeping.

You may also elect to use "Report It." Report it is a proactive tool that allows you to easily catalog information about your valuables. This includes serial numbers, owner applied numbers, photos of property and scans of receipts. It's completely internet based, so you never have to worry about losing the data you have saved. ReportIt is free and available to residents in the jurisdictions LeadsOnline serves, and each account may store up to 100 items.