Homeland Security


The Hampton Police Division's Homeland Security Unit has the mission to develop and implement a comprehensive organizational strategy to secure the Hampton community from terrorist threats or attacks through public safety initiatives. Additionally, it coordinates the conduct of operations to deter, prevent and defeat any threatened terrorist activity within the jurisdictional boundaries of the community.

Hampton Police Division’s Homeland Security Unit


The Hampton Police Division's Homeland Security Unit establishes policy and coordinates activities that include:

  • Collection of intelligence information
  • Coordinating division training of those units likely to be utilized in the event of terrorist activity which includes SWAT, Mobile Response Team (MRT), Dive Team and hostage negotiators
  • Coordinating joint training for selected Hampton Police Division SWAT and MRT personnel with the U.S. Coast Guard
  • Establishing a liaison with surrounding agencies which include NASA, Langley Air Force Base, the United States Coast Guard and the Navy
  • Establishing effective information sharing with federal, state and other local agencies to include the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force
  • Implementing an effective asset procurement program through the Defense Reutilization Marketing Office (DRMO)
  • Participating in local, state, and national disaster simulation exercises
  • Providing a tactical maritime operational capability to help secure our waterfront and the Port of Hampton Roads
  • Working in concert with the city's emergency management personnel when responding to any event which may be terrorist related


The following programs were initiated to further the state and local law enforcement efforts in the fight against terrorism:

  • Conducting various security surveys in areas vulnerable to terrorist attack
  • Expanding the Neighborhood Watch program in the Homeland Security mode with the goal of enhancing its crime detection and prevention activitie