Hotel / Motel Interdiction

Crime Prevention

In response to an increase in drug activity in area hotels and motels, the Hampton Police Division implemented the Hotel / Motel Interdiction Project in an effort to reduce criminal activity through a good working relationship with area hotel / motel personnel which enables them to assist officers by identifying and reporting suspected drug activity.

The Interdiction Project is designed to target narcotic dealers / smugglers who check into Hampton hotels and motels for the purpose of delivering or selling large quantities of narcotics.


In the war against drugs, federal and state legislative efforts have had a heavy impact on the profits from the sale of drugs through the forfeiture and seizure of the offender's assets. Subsequently, drug traffickers have moved their businesses from their homes and cars to area hotel and motel rooms.

To impact criminal activity, the division's plan calls for concentrated patrol, planned surveillance, and the training of hotel / motel personnel in profiling and reporting suspected activity. In addition, interdiction teams of uniformed officers were developed to enforce various codes, provide increased visibility, and support the Special Investigations Unit with investigations and knock and talks. Regular visits to assigned hotels and motels are encouraged during normal patrols.


  • Strive towards the successful interdiction of all narcotics possessed prior to distribution at the street level
  • Establish effective communication with hotel / motel personnel through training and regular contact
  • Identify and arrest narcotic dealers / smugglers who check into Hampton hotels/motels for the purpose of delivering and/or selling illegal narcotics
  • Seize any and all narcotics, currency and other conveyances used in the illicit activity

For more information, please email or call 757-727-6510.