Courtesy Security Awareness

Courtesy Security Awareness Program

The Courtesy Security Awareness Program is a service provided by the Police Division to residents and business owners in an effort to protect homes and businesses from becoming victimized by crime.


In making Hampton a safe place to live, the division's officers dedicate time to identifying conditions that may pose a threat to a citizens' person or property. Police have determined that persons with unlawful intentions often look for inviting conditions prior to selecting a target for their crime.

Some of these conditions include open or unlocked windows and doors, no lights on, mail and newspaper accumulation, and overgrown shrubbery near entrances. Therefore, while on patrol throughout the City's business areas and neighborhoods, officer's look for conditions that invite criminal acts in an effort to reduce preventable criminal violations.

When a hazardous condition is discovered, the officer completes a Courtesy Security Awareness Form, noting the security risk, and posts a copy on the business or residence. The Community Relations Unit is also given a copy. Follow-up contact may be made by a member of the Community Relations Unit to discuss the advantages of correcting the crime inviting problem.


  • Identify conditions and situations that invite criminal activity
  • Provide crime prevention strategies to correct identified conditions that invite criminal activity
  • Increase security awareness among community residents and business owner's

For more information, please email or call 757-727-6510.