Physical & Personal Considerations


Police Officers may be involved in numerous physically challenging activities which may include:

  • Pursuit of suspects in a police vehicle or on foot
  • Bicycle or foot patrol
  • Controlling crowds
  • Physically searching suspects
  • Physically subduing and detaining combative suspects
  • Serving arrest or search warrants

Police Officers must be able to use firearms in a proficient manner. After Academy Training, Officers are required to prove their continued proficiency with firearms by qualifying at the Range periodically. Hand-grip strength is critical to successful use of firearms.

Personal Considerations

  • Police Officers must be able to work under a great deal of pressure. They must maintain a clear head, a positive attitude, and a solid work ethic.
  • Police Officers deal with a wide variety of people. Officers must remain open-minded, fair, unbiased, and sensitive.
  • Police Officers represent the citizens of Hampton. They are symbols of stability and trust and must always behave ethically to resolve moral conflicts appropriately, both on and off the job.
  • Police Officers must observe the chain of command and have a duty to follow a lawful order.
  • Police Offices must be prepared to use force when required in the lawful performance of their duties.
  • Police Officers will have occasion to respond to calls for service involving physically abused persons, abused and neglected children and deceased persons.