Purchasing Policies


Through the decentralized purchasing process, the city and schools strive to procure the required supplies, equipment and services at the best possible prices, specified standards and quality, and at the designated time. It is the policy:

  • To conduct all purchasing in accordance with the applicable laws and policies
  • To promote the reputation of the City of Hampton for fair dealings, integrity, straightforwardness and a progressive outlook
  • To advance our common goals by avoiding any semblance of favoritism, patronage and personal preferences in the selection of our suppliers
  • To provide an equal opportunity to all suppliers by promoting competitive bidding and by assuring each supplier or prospective supplier has a full, fair and open hearing
  • To establish and maintain a courteous, cordial, friendly and businesslike relationship with our suppliers based on the principles of mutual trust, confidence, assistance and cooperation

It is the policy of the City of Hampton not to discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, ethnicity, religion or disability in employment or in the provision of services. The city affirms its commitment to disadvantaged groups in employment, procurement and economic development.

More Information

For more information, contact the Procurement Office at (757) 727-2200.