Additional Benefits and Retirement Resources

Retired peopleContinued verses Optional Benefits

Some benefits that you enjoy as an employee can be continued in retirement, while others cannot. To see additional information about any of your benefits, please refer to the specific section of this webpage that covers those benefits. If you have any questions about the benefits offered, please call (757) 727-6230 and ask for the Benefits Department.

Benefits that automatically continue in retirement:

  • Basic Life Insurance - please refer to the VRS handbook to see the changes that occur in this benefit when you retire.

Benefits that you must actively elect and pay for to continue in retirement:

  • Medical Insurance
  • Optional Life Insurance

Once you have applied to receive your retirement benefits, you are asked to keep the Finance Department up to date with any changes in your address or contact information. This will help us ensure that you receive important information regarding any changes to your benefits in retirement.