Adopt-A-Spot in Hampton

Adopt-A-Spot Program volunteers help keep our city clean and beautiful. Volunteers clean an adopted spot four times a year for three years, and in return, receive city-wide recognition for their efforts. In addition, volunteers have access to cleanup equipment and supplies - you can order supplies online. Additionally, you can report a cleanup online. The Adopt-A-Spot contract may now be completed online.

Key Points

The key points of the Adopt-A-Spot program are:

  • Any individual (18 years or older), community group, youth organization (supervised by adults), civic organization, business, church or other group may adopt public areas in Hampton - public areas are streets, parks, vacant lots owned by the city, schools and other publicly held lands.
  • The adopting individuals or organizations commit to cleaning up the adopted site at least five times a year for two years.
  • Those who complete 10 or more cleanups annually receive special recognition at the Volunteer Recognition Dinner.
  • In return a sign that recognizes their contributions is placed at the site.
  • The signs are ordered from local sign makers. They are placed and maintained by the Hampton Parks and Recreation Department staff.
  • If the participants are unable to honor their agreements, the signs will be removed.
  • Participants are required to report the results of their clean up to the Hampton Clean City Commission office so the information can be used in various reports and analyses.
  • The results of the cleanups are reported regularly to the Hampton City Council.

Each of us needs to be conscientious about not creating litter. Unfortunately, when some of us are not careful, then we all need to pick up the dropped "ball." That's what the Adopt-A-Spot Program is all about-picking up the litter dropped by other people.

It doesn't sound like fun, but amazingly enough, it is. And keeping your "spot" clean is one of the most rewarding volunteer activities in which you can participate. When you look back over the area you cleaned in the previous hour or two, you will feel a deep sense of satisfaction and pride.

Not only will you feel good, but research by Keep America Beautiful Inc. (KAB) shows that regularly cleaning areas helps reduce the amount of litter that is dropped on the site. According to KAB, litter tends to accumulate where people feel no sense of ownership, when they think other people will pick up after them, and when litter has already accumulated.

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