Beautification Committee 

The Beautification Committee helps keep our city beautiful by encouraging everyone in Hampton to do his or her part in the effort. Children and adults, private citizens and large organizations, and everyone in-between have a role to play in the Keep Hampton Beautiful program!

According to our parent organization, Keep America Beautiful, Inc., "incorporating visual beauty into public spaces has proven to be an effective method for raising property values, reducing crime, enhancing the local economy, and improving public health."

Studies (PDF) also show that well landscaped and beautiful sites are less littered than barren or unkempt sites. Find out how to take steps to a beautiful yard.

Beautification Programs

Suggest your potential beautification projects on public land or to share ideas for new programs:

  • The Keep Hampton Green Program calls attention to the importance of trees as elements of beauty and environmental health in our city and funds tree planting through private donations.
  • The Keep Hampton School Beautiful encourages schools to involve children in improving their landscapes, and helps students, faculty and staff to celebrate the educational components of the school landscape.
  • The Yards Are Really Distinctive Showplaces (YARDS) Program is a "beautiful yards" contest that rewards people who put forth the extra effort to make their residences places of beauty, and with permission uses exemplary yards to educate others.
  • Volunteers are invited to participate in community beautification and improvement projects, such as the Great American Neighborhood Cleanup beautification projects and others.