Environmental Stewards

2010 Annual Recognition

The Hampton Clean City Commission (HCCC) held its annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner at Phoebus High School Nov. 3, 2010. 43 people or organizations were recognized at the event, and Hampton City Manager Mary Bunting gave the opening address. Councilwoman Angela Leary and HCCC Chair John Golden presented awards.

Award Winners

Marilyn Burney won the Bert Carr Award for long-term participation in the Adopt-A-Spot program combined with a passion for extending the work into educational efforts. Not only has she been a Golden Litter Stick Award recipient since the award was instituted, meaning she has cleaned up 20 times or more each year for 9 years, but she has also participated in a number of educational and community improvement efforts.

Chris Bartlett won the Harriet Storm Award for her outstanding work as coordinator of the YARDS Contest. During the time she has led the program, it has become increasingly efficient and effective. It is one of two most volunteer-driven programs of the Clean City Commission, largely thanks to Chris.

Megan Ketchum, Horticulture Extension Agent for Virginia Cooperative Extension, has devoted a considerable part of her career and personal volunteer time toward improving Hampton's waterways, which earned her the first Mary Jo Hogge Award. Mary Jo Hogge, a former HCCC board member, was a strong advocate for coastal and water quality.

Old Point National Bank was selected as Clean Business of the Year because of its efforts to rebuild their Downtown Hampton office as an environmental, LEED-certified building, which also involved recycling the building they had demolished to make way for the new one.

Joan Harper was selected as the Yard of the Year winner. Her yard, located on Marcella Road, was deemed the best in the 2010 YARDS Contest. Yards Judges Marie Smith, Chris Bartlett, Marty Roaseau, Gloria Pressley, Shirley Boyd, Tom Tinsley, Lori Ebner and Lee Lofurno joined in the presentation of her award.

Yard of the Month winners for 2010 were: Sharon Blevins, Alicia and David DeBose, Virginia Hall, Marie Hare, Carlton and Eunice Hedgepath, Charles and Celestine Johnson, Bonnie Lambroff, Helen Main, Tanis Mowery, Nick and Patti Nicholas, Hal & Marianne Prentiss, Wayne Sigmon, Suzy Spence and Raynard Vinson.

Green School Award WinnersFive schools received Green School Awards based on their environmental education and stewardship activities for students, staff, and parents: Armstrong School for the Arts, Asbury Elementary School, Burbank Elementary School, Forrest Elementary School and Moton Early Childhood Development Center.

School Board Member Phyllis Henry, Superintend of Schools Linda Shifflette and Community and Legislative Relations Director Ann Bane joined in presenting the awards and congratulating the school representatives.

Armstrong School for the Arts held school-wide cleanups the first Friday of each month and implemented a recycling program. Mini-lessons were incorporated into the cleanup efforts, daily announcements were made during Earth Week, and the school held a Spring Saturday Beautification effort.

Asbury Elementary School second graders cleaned up their playground daily during Earth Week, including collecting sweetgum ball that were recycled in forest compost. Each class recycles and environmental lessons are incorporated into daily classrooms lessons whenever possible. School staff, students, parents and community partners conducted beautification projects. Resource and energy conservation was noticed and practiced daily.

Burbank Elementary School's Ecology Club picked up litter throughout the school year and invited energy and water conservation speakers to their club meetings. The entire school recycles and participates in cleanup and beautification projects. Environmental education lessons are incorporated into classrooms through reading programs and special activities.

Three Clean City Awards were granted. Clean City Awards are presented to those individual and groups who contribute significantly toward the overall improvement of Hampton's physical environment.

Isaiah Gonzalez, a Hampton University student, was an enthusiastic supporter of the Adopt-A-Spot program, signing his group (Hampton University Men's Caucus) up for two sites, and then recruiting more than 10 additional groups on the campus for the program.

Kecoughtan High School Science Club planned and implemented an outdoor classroom and conducted a number of community service cleanups.

Jessica Scott, a Hampton educator, was a leader in incorporating environmental education into the everyday lessons of students at the Moton Early Childhood Development Center.

Golden Litter Stick Awards were bestowed upon those who completed 20 or more Adopt-A-Spot cleanups in the past year. Those participants were: Jim and Margaret Bartlett, Marilyn Burney, Jackie Cannan, Elizabeth Lake Morning Walkers, Hampton Citizens Police Academy Alumni Volunteers, Tammy Trietch and Wesley United Methodist Church.

Extra Mile Awards were granted to those who completed between 6 and 19 Adopt-A-Spot cleanups: Anthony Olds Family Matters, the Bocka Family, Buckroe Civic Association, Buckroe Volunteer Fire Company, Ladies' Auxiliary, East Hampton Neighborhood Association, Elizabeth Lake Estates Garden Club, Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Sam Endicott and The Molly Lake Chronicles, the Fladger Family, Hampton Roads Networking Exchange Club, Hampton Shores Neighbors, Hampton University Honors College, LaCrosse Memorial Presbyterian Church, Langley Air Force Base Honor Guard, Jack Rezabek, Rolland Schattschneider, Corlease Sills, Smith Elementary, Smith Family of Baker's Farm, Tidemill Machen Community Association and Virginia Pitbull Elite Ruff Ryders.

A special Partnership Award was presented to Phoebus High School for their decade-long support of the Hampton Clean City Commission's Volunteer Recognition Event. The award was accepted by Assistant Principal Bruce Godwin.

Final Congratulations

The annual HCCC Volunteer Recognition Dinner highlights the efforts of people in every walk of life who every day make a tremendous difference in keeping Hampton clean and beautiful. We hope that the entire community will join in congratulating them on their accomplishments and thank them for their service.

For More Information

For more information about the Hampton Clean City Commission and its mission to improve the environmental quality of Hampton, email us or call (757) 727-1130.