Pricing Policy

Information on Pricing

Although entrance to the park and access to the trails is free, a number of fees are collected for value-added services. These include rentals of our fishing and paddling boats, individual and group campsites, our lakeside "Yurts" (tent cabins) as well as our conference room and classroom. In addition, we are able to collect reservation fees for our covered picnic shelters so that specific dates can be set aside. For more information on prices, call (757) 825-4657.



Boat Hour Day Capacity
10-foot Jon Boat $3 $10 Two people
14-foot Jon Boat $4 $15 Four people
Paddleboat $4 $15 Four people
Canoe $4 $15 Three people
Kayak $4 $15 One person


Campsite Night Capacity
Individual $10.50 Two four-person tents
Group $31.50 10 four-person tents
"Yurts" (tent cabins) $42 Two bunk beds provided (sleeps six)

Please note that the Yurts require a separate, refundable security deposit of $60 each.


Picnic Shelter Day Capacity
Gazebo $10 per hour No seating
Lakeside Pavilion $80 100 people maximum
Parker Pavilion $50 Approximately 50 people
Courtyard Pavilion $40 Approximately 25 people
All three Courtyard Pavilions $60 Approximately 75 people

Please note that the quoted price is a rental fee. These are free for use anytime they have not been reserved by another party.


Amphitheater Hour Capacity
Amphitheater $10 per hour Wooden benches to seat 50 people

Conference Room

There is a $100 security deposit, mailed back to you four to six weeks after the event.
  • Weekdays (Monday through 4 p.m. on Friday): $100 for three hours
  • Weekends: $400 for five hours

You may also pay $30 for each additional hour, if available, up until 9 p.m.


  • Indoor Classroom Rental (seats 25): $25 per hour
  • Outdoor Classroom Rental (seats 20): $5 per hour


A wide variety of education programs can be scheduled with the park. All schools located within the City of Hampton are not charged for these programs - all others can contact us to discuss rates based on the type of program, day of the week, age of the children and size of the group.