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OP-101 OP-101
Wildlife Response
Table of Contents Table of Contents
Introduction Introduction
A-100 A-100
Mission of Animal Control Services
A-101 A-101
Authority of Enforcement
A-102 A-102
Enforcement of the Law
A-103 A-103
Chain of Command and Organizational Structure
A-104 A-104
Confidentiality and Dissemination of Information
A-105 A-105
Uniform, Dress and Personal Appearance
A-106 A-106
Mobile Data Terminals
A-107 A-107
Radio Communications
A-108 A-108
Priority of Calls
A-109 A-109
Customer Service
A-110 A-110
Vehicle Use and Maintenance
A-111 A-111
Record Keeping
OP-100 OP-100
Use of Force
OP-102 OP-102
Animals at Large or Stray Animals
OP-103 OP-103
Domestic and Feral Cat Policy and Response
OP-104 OP-104
Animals Unattended in Vehicles
OP-105 OP-105
Noise Complaints
OP-106 OP-106
Dangerous or Vicious Animal Response
OP-107 OP-107
Animal Bite Investigations
OP-108 OP-108
Animal Cruelty Investigations
OP-109 OP-109
Sick or Injuried Animals
OP-110 OP-110
SPCA Impoundment Procedures
OP-111 OP-111
Deceased Animals
OP-112 OP-112
Acceptance of 2nd or 3rd Party Calls for Service
OP-113 OP-113
Snip Van Procedure
OP-114 OP-114
Microchip Scanning