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Jan 18

Confirmation of 11 AM Opening

Posted to City Manager's Messages by Dacia Walker

Jan. 18, 2018 - The Public Works Director, Police and Fire Chief have just provided me an updated assessment of the road conditions. While some roads remain a little icy, we believe it is safe for employees to travel to work for the announced 11 AM opening. Liberal leave remains in effect for non-emergency essential personnel who coordinate it with their supervisor/department heads. Please continue to exercise caution while traveling, as we all should any time there is any inclement weather.


Aug 09

Be open to new experiences

Posted to Thought of the Week — Optima EAP by Don Mann

Are you guarded? Perhaps a past experience influenced you to be that way. It’s not unusual to be cautious of situations and people after experiencing a violation of trust, feeling exposed in some way, or losing something important. Being cautious is different than being closed. 

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