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Oct 24

City Managers Message 10-25-14: Fall Fun and Time Off

Posted on October 24, 2014 at 9:24 AM by Mary Bunting

Last year, the Employee Council and I co-sponsored a pumpkin carving contest. We were overwhelmed with the talent and creativity of those who chose to participate, and had so much fun doing it that we decided it would become an annual event. This year, we are expanding the contest to have two categories: pumpkins which are carved and pumpkins which are decorated. There will be prizes for our winners, ranging from administrative leave days to gift certificates. Anyone can participate. All entries should be brought to the City Hall lobby by 8:30 am on Friday, October 31st. Judging will occur at 9:00 am and winners will be announced by midday. This is a chance to showcase the artistic talents of our workforce and to have a little fun at the same time.

 Adding to the fun, I want to announce a themed casual dress day for that same Friday, October 31st. While we may be too old to trick-or-treat with our youngsters in the evening, we can still have fun celebrating the change of season. I encourage all who can - sorry to our uniformed personnel, I'll try to find another fun event for you in the near future - to dress with a fall theme next Friday. Masks, scary costumes and inappropriate attire are not allowed. We must remember our customers and maintain professionalism while having fun. However, fall colors or symbols and family friendly costuming is welcome. Be sure to take pictures and send them to me and/or Marketing so we can showcase our creative side to one another.

 Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I am very pleased to announce the results of our biennial citizen survey. Every two years we ask our citizens to rate city service delivery and the performance of workforce. We recently conducted an update to that survey. Not at all surprisingly, our employees continue to receive high marks. Here are the key statistics:

  • 91.2% of the respondents were satisfied with the overall work performance of city employees
  • 93.3% of the respondents were satisfied with the courtesy of city employees

 As a reward for high marks, our performance plan provides all employees with time off. This year's results have earned employees time off on the day after Thanksgiving and a half day off on Christmas Eve. Congratulations!

 In addition, in appreciation for the consistently high marks during the recession and tough budget years, the Council and I are pleased to provide additional administrative time off during the holiday season. I suggested, and Council concurred with, providing the full day off on Christmas Eve as well as Friday, December 26th and Friday, January 2nd.  For those of you who must work on these days, alternative days off will be provided. Your department heads and/or supervisors will work with you to schedule your time off in accordance with instructions Human Resources will provide.

 The Council and I are very proud of our workforce. While we wish there were more ways we could tangibly show our appreciation, we hope this additional time off will help to make the holidays even more special for you, your family and your friends.

 Have a great remainder of the week, and I hope to see plenty of fall colors and pumpkins next week!



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