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Feb 20

Winter Weather Update/Delayed Opening of 9 AM on 2-21-2020

Posted on February 20, 2020 at 11:42 PM by Dacia Walker

As you are aware, Hampton and the region have been experiencing snowfall this evening. Although our road conditions are generally fairly good as I write this email, our overriding goal when assessing operational status is safety. Slushy conditions could result in some freezing during the early morning hours when temperatures are projected to dip, thus causing a need for a slower morning commute. Additionally, Hampton City Schools (along with most schools in the region) has decided to close schools tomorrow, meaning that many of you may have childcare related challenges. Therefore, we will be delaying the official opening of city offices until 9 am and then offering liberal leave for anytime beyond that for those non-emergency essential employees who have unanticipated child care issues and/or are concerned about personal commutes on roads. Liberal leave may be used for the entire day or part of it, as needed and coordinated with supervisors/department heads.

Our emergency management team will continue to assess road conditions through the morning. If conditions change and warrant a different decision such as an even later start time, we will alert you via all normal channels.

As always, I want to give thanks to our entire snow detail and public safety team for braving the elements on our behalf!



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