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Aug 12

[ARCHIVED] City Manager's Message: 8-12-2020: COVID-19 hazard pay

The original item was published from August 12, 2020 6:29 PM to August 12, 2020 6:37 PM

Earlier today City Council approved the allocation of funds for the CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund, which included $2.65 million for hazard pay.  The act defines hazard pay as additional pay for performing hazardous duty or work involving physical hardship, in each case that is related to COVID-19.  An employee is ineligible for hazard pay if safety precautions (i.e. social distancing, barriers, face coverings, limited in-person interactions, etc.) have reduced the element of a hazard to a less than significant level of risk.
Permanent Full-Time (PFT) employees eligible for hazard pay will receive up to $2,000 in a special pay on Friday, Aug. 21.  
Permanent Part-Time (PPT) and When Actually Employed (WAE) Employees eligible for hazard pay who averaged at least twenty (20) hours per week for the period of March 7, 2020 – June 12, 2020, will receive up to $1,000 in special pay on Friday, Aug. 21.  
Eligibility was determined using the definition above, the city’s phased reopening, input from department directors, and the frequency of public interaction.  Eligibility for hazard pay has been identified at the job title level as well as responsibilities performed. 
The prorated pay schedule is based on the beginning of the pay period for each month of the governor’s Stay-at-Home order as outlined below:

Performing Eligible Hazardous Duty Position or Responsibilities (on or before)

PFT Employees

PPT and WAE Employees













The eligible positions and duties are outlined below.

On behalf of a very grateful Council, Executive Leadership Team and community, I want to say thank you for the extra level of excellence and dedication you all have shown throughout the pandemic. I wish the federal law allowed us to give all of our employees some level of enhanced COVID-related pay, but am truly pleased that we could at least recognize our front-line employees who have had more than general population exposure in the execution of their responsibilities. 

— Mary
Eligible Hazardous Duty Positions
Animal Response Team Officer
Battalion Chief (52-hour)
Building Codes Inspector I
Building Codes Inspector II
Building Inspection Services Manager
Building Monitor/Maintenance Mechanic
Building Monitor/Maintenance Mechanic
Carpenter/Maintenance Technician
Chief Pump Mechanic
Child Protective Services Worker
Codes Compliance Inspector
Codes Compliance Inspector
Codes Compliance Inspector - Senior
Codes Compliance Inspector - Senior
Codes Compliance Manager
Construction Inspector
Construction Inspector
Community Programs Coordinator
Custodian - Senior
Customer Service/Enforcement Technician
Drainage  Maintenance Technician
Deputy Emergency Coordinator
Electrical Inspector I
Electrician/Maintenance Mechanic - Senior
Emergency Management Planner
Equipment Operator I - Solid Waste
Equipment Operator II
Equipment Operator II - Solid Waste
Equipment Operator III
Equipment Operator III - Solid Waste
Equipment Operator V
Facilities and Maintenance Operations Manager
Family Services Specialist
Family Services Specialist - Senior
Farm Hand
Farm Manager
Farm Technician
Fire Captain (52-hour)
Fire Lieutenant (52-hour)
Firefighter EMT (52-hour)
Fleet Operations Manager
Fleet Service Team Leader
Fleet Supervisor
Forensic Master Specialist
Forensic Senior Specialist
Forensic Specialist
Forensic Specialist Trainee
General Maintenance Mechanic
HVAC/DDC Technician
HVAC/Maintenance Mechanic
Infrastructure Construction Project Team Leader
Infrastructure Coordinator
Land Development/ Environmental Inspector
Medic Firefighter (52-hour)
Operations Manager
Plumber - Senior
Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector I
Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector II
Police Cadet
Police Captain
Police Corporal/Police Corporal SRO
Police Lieutenant
Police Officer/Police Officer SRO
Police Recruit (Field Training)
Police Sergeant
Police Systems Administrator
Public Safety Dispatch Shift Supervisor
Public Safety Dispatcher
Public Safety Dispatcher Senior
Public Safety Officer
Public Safety Dispatch Trainee
Pump Station Mechanic
Pump Station Technician
Solid Waste Collections Supervisor
Solid Waste Collections Team Leader
Solid Waste Technician Trainee
Stormwater Operations Manager
Stormwater Team Leader
System Performance Manager
Team Leader - Field Service
Wastewater Collections Team Leader
Wastewater Infrastructure Inspector
Wastewater Inspection and Repair Technician
Wastewater Line Technician
Wastewater Superintendent
Wastewater Team Leader
Wastewater Technician Trainee
Eligible Hazardous Duty Responsibilities
Beach Ambassadors
Beach Monitoring and Patrol
Decontamination and Cleaning Facilities
Distribution of PPE to the Public
Emergency Management
Facilities Maintenance
Grounds Maintenance
Landscaping Maintenance
Park Monitoring and Patrol
Public Health
Public Safety