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Dec 10

City Manager's Message Dec. 10: Council approves bonus for employees

Posted on December 10, 2020 at 12:14 PM by Don Mann

I cannot believe that 2020 is almost over, although I must confess I am looking forward to 2021 in hopes that we might finally be able to defeat COVID. COVID has certainly made all of our lives more challenging, but everyone has come together to continue to provide the excellent service our community has come to expect. I have always felt our city employee team to be the best around, but I couldn’t be more proud of how you all stepped up with even greater commitment to our community. Collectively, you have demonstrated flexibility, creativity and resilience.

Our City Council and community also recognize your extraordinary efforts. Last night, Council unanimously approved my recommendation that we fund a one-time $500 bonus for eligible full-time and $250 bonus for eligible part-time employees to thank you for your efforts and in recognition that the pandemic has kept us from providing the general wage increase we had planned to give before COVID negatively impacted our budget planning. 

We still hope that we will be able to provide a recurring salary increase early next year, after we receive the 6 month revenue report from July 1st-Dec. 30 and the land book assessments for next fiscal year. We must ensure that recurring revenues are sustainable and will support whatever salary increase we give, as our first priority remains ensuring that we do not have to furlough or lay off any of our workers as some other cities have had to do. We have committed to having this salary discussion with Council in February, and I am truly optimistic that we will be in the position to recommend a salary increase at that time. However, in the meantime, we wanted to get some immediate money into your pockets with this bonus which is funded with one-time savings. 

We will be using the same criteria typically used to determine eligibility for the general wage increase; however, we have changed the average hours worked for part time and WAE employees from 20 to 15. These amounts are net of taxes so you will see the full $500 or $250 in your pay deposit.  This bonus will be paid out on Dec. 18 through a separate deposit into your banking account.

I want to express my continued appreciation for your dedication and commitment to excellence even during this difficult time. We all hope that this "surprise" bonus will make your holidays a little brighter!

On behalf of the Council and the entire management team, we wish you and your family a happy — and most importantly a safe — holiday season!

— Mary


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