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Feb 24

City Manager's Message Feb. 23: Dates for 2nd COVID-19 vaccine dose

Posted on February 24, 2021 at 4:12 PM by Don Mann

I am writing with the great news that the Health District has confirmed the receipt of the vaccines we need for those employees whose 2nd doses are due this week. As I reported to you last week, those employees whose 28th day is today, Tuesday, Feb. 23, will receive their 2nd doses on Thursday, Feb. 25, along with those employees whose follow-up vaccine is also due that day. Employees with the 2nd dose date of Feb. 26 will receive theirs on Friday.
As I noted last week, the state has moved to an online registration system. This system has many positive features, but — as has been reported in the media — does not yet have the ability to generate unique, one-time-use registration links. There have been problems statewide with links being inappropriately shared to allow others to “jump in line.” We do not want our City to be associated with such inappropriate behavior. If we are found to be the source of inappropriate link sharing, we can lose the rights to conduct vaccine clinics for the benefit of our employees and residents. Therefore, I want to stress to each of you that our expectation and clear directive is to NOT share the link you are provided with anyone.  Each person who is scheduled to receive their 2nd dose will receive a link that they will use to register. Thus, there is no need to share the link with anyone. Failure to follow this directive will result in disciplinary action.
For those of you whose 2nd doses will be administered this week, you will be sent the link for the appropriate day as outlined above. Click on this link to select the time you prefer from available slots. Please arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled time on the date of your appointment. Please bring your city identification and the vaccine card you were given at your first appointment.

For those of you whose 2nd comes due next week, you will also receive a link from the Emergency Management Office once the Health District provides it to us for your clinic. We hope there will be no further weather delays, but ask you to trust that we will get you in as close to the 28th day as the district receives and allots us the vaccine. 
We are pleased to be able to provide this convenient way for you and your peers to receive the COVID vaccine. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let me or Hui-Shan Walker know.

— Mary


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