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May 10

Manager's Message - FY 2014 Adopted Budget Follow Up Questions

Posted on May 10, 2013 at 2:13 PM by Mary Bunting

Mary BuntingYesterday I sent an email detailing the highlights of the Council Adopted FY 2014 Budget. I invited employees to write me with any questions on items not covered in that overview. I would like to thank those employees who did write because it gave me some insight into questions other employees might have - hence this follow-up email to you all.

Many employees asked about the status of the "personal days" instituted last year. As I previously reported to you, my Manager's Recommended Budget included a continuation of this program. The Council Adopted Budget did not change that recommendation, so those days will continue to be earned once per quarter in accordance with the existing parameters. Please remember these days must be used in the quarter earned. The tuition assistance program and complimentary access to community centers also remain in effect.

I also had several questions about the permanent full-time employee salary increase. The salary increase will occur as follows: the 1% general wage increase will be applied to the current base salary and then the $750 or $1000 performance amount (based on merit rating) will be applied to the adjusted salary. There seems to be some belief that the $750/$1000 performance amount will be one-time. I pleased to clarify that this adjustment will be made to base salary and will be recurring in nature. Human Resources will be sending out additional details on the steps department heads and payroll clerks will need to take.

Thanks again to those who wrote in with questions. If there are remaining questions, I welcome them.



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