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The original item was published from 7/30/2020 4:01:18 PM to 8/31/2020 12:00:04 AM.

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Posted on: July 30, 2020

[ARCHIVED] Things to Know & Do!


The Friends of the Barrett - Peake Heritage Foundation are planning to clean up the Bassette and Elmerton Cemeteries this Saturday, August 1, from 6am – noon. These cemeteries are located along King Street in the vicinity of the HRT bus station.

Volunteers are asked to bring lawn equipment if possible. Donations of water and ice would be greatly appreciated.

To sign up, contact:

Ghana Smith, 757-256-4989, or

Whalan McDew, 757-593-8649,

This is not an HCCC cleanup, so be sure to contact the organizers. 



Come join us on a Community Cleanup! They’re short, one-time cleanups at a variety of sites that are fun and meaningful. Here’s a schedule for the remaining summer cleanups, but they will continue into the fall through November. At this point all cleanups are limited to fewer than 50 people, but we’d love to have a full crew at each site! We’ll update you as things change. Important point: if fewer than five people sign up for any cleanup, we’ll cancel, so be sure to register so we’ll know you’re coming!

August 7, 9am: Kentucky Avenue

August 8, 10am: Nettles Lane

August 14, 9am: Bethel HS/Phenix School

August 15, 10am: Shell Road (Algonquin – Colonial)

To sign up, email or go to

On July 17th & 17th, 19 volunteers cleaned up Syms Middle School and a section of Pembroke Avenue and removed more than 34 bags of trash from the sites!



Upcoming Tours de Trash are:

  • August 12: Tour de Trash Express to Goodwill! 9am-11am
  • September 24: Tour de Trash Express to Composting Facility! 9am-11:30am
  • October 28: Tour de Trash Express to Steam Plant! 9am-11am
  • November 13: America Recycles Day Tour de Recycling, 9am-1pm, TFC Recycling Material Recovery Facility

Naturally these dates depend on widespread healthiness! So sign up, and we’ll all cross our fingers that the tours will go on!

To sign up for Tours de Trash Express or Tour de Recycling  go to, where there’s a full list of upcoming tours – you can sign up for all of them if you want to! For information, contact or call 727-1130.



The next household chemical and electronics collection will be held Saturday September 18th at the Coliseum parking lot, 1000 Coliseum Drive (across from the Embassy Suites), from 8am - noon. Just a reminder, please stay in your vehicle when you take materials to this collection.

For more information go to:



Solid Waste is experiencing very high levels of contaminated recycling, which is household trash mixed in with the recycling. We believe that residents are using the recycle container as an overflow household trash container, partly due to being at home during the COVID. This is NOT good, because it will increase the cost of our solid waste program!


Recyclable Items - Allowed: Aluminum Cans, Plastic Bottles, Mixed Paper, Steel & Tin Cans, Glass Bottles & Jars, Empty Food Boxes, Card Board, News Paper, Magazines, Food & Beverage Cartons, Junk Mail, and Phone Books.

Non-Recyclables, Not Allowed: Food Waste, Wood, Yard Waste, Plastic Bags, Electronics, Hazardous Waste, Styrofoam, Light Bulbs, Bubble Wrap, Needles, Paint, Toys

The Green Container is for household trash, and the Gray Container is for Recyclables

Would you like someone to come to your group and talk about recycling right when we can gather again? Contact for a presentation! For quick questions, call 311 or HCCC at 727-1130.

Meanwhile, don’t let social distancing keep you from recycling right.


  1. Place unbagged recyclables in your container. No plastic bags at all, please. None. Not one.
  1. The only plastics that can be recycled are bottles and jugs.
  1. Flatten cardboard and corrugated boxes to make more room for your other recyclables.
  1. Rinse or wipe cans, bottles, and jugs before putting them in your bin.
  1. Remember aluminum foil and foil pans (pie pans, baking pans, cookie sheets) can be recycled, just rinse or wipe.
  1. ONLY the recyclables listed in the most recent recycling chart can be recycled. Check here to make sure you’re recycling right:



Take them to the Yard Waste Transfer Site, 100 North Park Lane.

The same rules apply for drop-off recycling as for curbside recyclables: paper (boxes, newspapers, mail, food boxes, clean and dry), household-food-beverage plastic bottles and jugs only; glass bottles and jars only; metal cans, foil, and disposable aluminum baking sheets and pans; and milk and food cartons. NO PLASTIC BAGS, dirty diapers, garden hoses, or other trash. Questions? Call 311 (727-8311) or visit this link: Please don’t put anything else in either your home recycling container or the drop-off recycling container. Thanks!



Here are ways you can help prevent litter:

  • Put your trash (NOT RECYCLING) in bags, and tie or twist tie them closed.
  • When you wear masks and gloves for safety, please put them in the trash when you’re finished with them. Too many people are littering them in store parking lots. Those masks and gloves are going to clog storm drains and litter the Chesapeake Bay!
  • After garbage collection, please go out and pick up any accidentally left-behind garbage (preferably using gloves) and wash your hands thoroughly afterward! If you don’t pick it up, it will wash down our storm drains.
  • Now more than ever, it’s important to share your Clean City ethics with family, friends, and neighbors! We can’t do cleanups right now, and every piece of trash that hits the ground has an 80 percent chance of ending up in the Chesapeake Bay. Please help spread the word!
  • When you visit any location, but particularly our parks and play areas, practice the Leave No Trace ethic – Pack It In, Pack It Out. If you can carry it somewhere, you certainly can carry it out. That applies to water bottles, candy wrappers, used tissues, small pieces of trash, cigarettes, and anything else that goes with you into public areas.
  • While we’re talking about litter… It’s great and essential when people pick up their pet waste. Otherwise IT goes into the Chesapeake Bay, too! But putting it in a bag is only half the job. The other half is getting it into a trash can. Otherwise, it becomes more litter.

Would you believe people are littering all over the place, but most astonishingly in our parks – the places we all love to go to and NEED to go to! Please, please share this litter prevention message with your friends and family?



Those yard-size signs that say “We’ll buy your house” and “Free Week When You Sign Up” that mysterious people put on our easements along our roadways are illegal. The people who are putting them there are violating the law and littering our roadways. The problem is that they sneak to put them up (because they know it’s wrong) and it’s hard for the Hampton Codes Office to find and prosecute them. We need your help!

Would you watch for people putting those signs out, get a license plate, and report it through 311 to the Codes office? That would help them a lot, and help our city, as well. If you can snap a few photos while you’re at it, all the better.

Another way to help is to pull them out and throw them in the trash when you see them. Make sure you’re not pulling up yard sale signs – permit holders are allowed a couple of signs to advertise their sales. But if it’s one of those “We’ll Buy Your…” signs, feel free to pull it up and throw it away, if you can safely do so. If it’s on the median of a busy road, call it in to 311 so it can be removed by a city worker in a safe vehicle.

For more information, contact the Hampton Clean City Commission at or 757-727-1199.



Plastic bags and plastic wraps of different kinds ARE recyclable, but they’re not recyclable in your household recycling container. They have to be taken to drop-off sites, most of which are retail locations that you might already be visiting. For more information and a list of plastic bag recycling sites:

When they are littered, as far too many are, they blow or wash into our waterways and then into the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, where sea turtles think they’re jellyfish and other marine animals get tangled up in them. And then, of course, they also get tangled around boat propellers as well, we hear. DO NOT LITTER anything, especially plastic bags!

For more information, contact the Hampton Clean City Commission at or 757-727-1199.



HCCC’s Facebook page serves as an information source for all things “clean city” – beautification, community environment improvement, litter prevention, recycling, the 3Rs, and general environmental education. We share reputable information about these topics and provide information about our programs, activities, and volunteers. If you want a good overview of what’s happening in Hampton and the larger world of our topics of interest, the Hampton Clean City Commission page is a can’t-miss sign-up! Follow us on Instagram or Twitter, too, to help share information about topics that are important to you.

HCCC sponsors two Facebook groups – Hampton Waterways Restoration Project and Bee City USA – Hampton. The Hampton Waterways Restoration Project Group focuses on the HWRP Committee’s efforts to improve Hampton’s waterways through awareness and action projects. Among the posts you’ll see are reports on committee oyster activities, waterway cleanup announcements, information about various impacts on water quality, and volunteer reports on their various HWRP projects. The Bee City USA – Hampton Group focuses on building a resilient habitat for bees and other pollinators. You’ll see educational posts about pollinators of various types, the plants they thrive on, how you can support a sustainable pollinator habitat, and occasionally cool educational resources.

You can find and sign up for volunteer opportunities with HCCC at

Sign up for web page notifications (news flashes and calendars) at

For more information, or 757-727-1130. Or look for Hampton Clean City Commission on each platform.

The HCCC Office is open to the public. We’re limiting the number of people in our reception area for the time being, so call 727-1130 before you come so we can make sure we don’t have a “traffic jam”.

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