What causes the manhole to overflow?
Manholes normally overflow during periods of heavy rain when excess water gets into the sewer system or when the main line gets stopped up. City Wastewater crews are putting liners in all sewer manholes to control the flow of excess water into the system. Normal sewer function does not cause manholes to overflow. Please report any sewer overflow right away to the Customer Call Center at 3-1-1.

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1. Who should I call for the following: overflow, sewer odor, requesting repair or replacement of manhole cover or clean-out cap?
2. How can I reach your 3-1-1 Customer Call Center?
3. What is an overflow and where do they normally occur?
4. What causes the manhole to overflow?
5. How would I know if the overflow was from a sewer manhole or from a drainage manhole?
6. Can I have an overflow from the sewer pipe in my yard?
7. Does an overflow of the sewer system pose a health risk to me?
8. What do I do if there is not an overflow or a stoppage, but I smell a sewer odor?
9. Who do I call to get a manhole cover or a clean-out cap repaired or replaced?
10. What kind of information do I need to give the city when I report an overflow?