When will I move to Office 365?
The IT department has already started moving some users to the Office 365 cloud service. Departments will be moved as a group. All users will be moved between April and July 2013. You will be notified of your specific department or group move date in advance of the move.

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1. When will I move to Office 365?
2. Do I need to do anything to prepare for the move?
3. What happens if I have a problem after the move of my mailbox?
4. After my transition to Office 365 I am not seeing calendar detail entries for others outside of my department.
5. I am a public safety user on the police domain. Will I transition to the Office 365 cloud?
6. What about my mobile device? Will everything stay the same when I transition? Will I need to do anything special with my mobile device?
7. We use personal shared folders in out department. Will there be any changes to this functionality?
8. Will there be any impact on our distribution lists?
9. Will there be changes to the Address Book?