Will there be any impact on our distribution lists?
Distribution lists will remain the same. However, we encourage departments to clean up their current distribution lists by notifying IT of addresses that should be removed and also by notifying IT of outdated lists that should be eliminated.

Some current distribution lists include both external and internal e-mail users. Wherever possible, these distribution lists should be locked down to only City employees to reduce the risk of spam and the possibility of misinformation going outside our network. We encourage departments to review their distribution lists closely and to identify all that can be locked down to City employees only.

Users should also select the distribution list from the Address Book. There will be some title changes to distribution lists as we migrate to Office 365. Currently, some distribution lists use Hampton.com in their address. These will be changed to Hampton.gov. Selecting the distribution list from the address book versus typing it in will ensure you select the correct name.

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