What are the limits of the new system? Can we change them?
Here are the new limits under Office 365. These are set by Microsoft and we cannot change any of them.

  • Quota: 25 gigabytes per mail box

  • Maximum number of recipients per message: 500

  • Maximum size of attachment sent/receive: 25 megabytes

  • Maximum number of recipients per day: 10,000

These are very high limits and City of Hampton users should not reach these limits for normal use. Generally, city users should not be sending out broadcast messages to large groups of citizens or City employees. If you need to send out a broadcast message to a large group of citizens, please contact Marketing Inc. If you reach 10,000 recipients in a day, your email will be locked for 24 hours by Microsoft and we will not be able to unlock it!

If you send large numbers of emails to internal staff members, you can contact IT and we will assist you with a solution through the creation of an appropriate distribution list or alternative service.

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3. What are the limits of the new system? Can we change them?