Where did SAGE begin?
LEAF (the Lynchburg Expressway Appearance Fund), is the founder of the SAGE Program. In early 1990, Proctor Harvey of Harvey Design Land Architects was approached about solving an eyesore in
Lynchburg. The problem was the Lynchburg Expressway, a 10-mile stretch of 55 mph, four-lane highway. People tended to drive through this dreary corridor as quickly as possible; it was a typical inner city highway. The answer evolved into what is now known as the SAGE Program which is approved by the State of Virginia.

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1. What is SAGE HAMPTON?
2. Where did SAGE begin?
3. Where is the funding for a SAGE HAMPTON Program derived?
4. How will Hampton benefit from the program?
5. How do I get a garden?
6. What is the price range of donations?
7. Who approves the garden designs, locations and signage?
8. How long is my sponsorship for?
9. What if my garden and / or sign become damaged / discolored during the 5-year period?
10. Who is responsible for maintenance?
11. Is there a SAGE website?