How will Hampton benefit from the program?
In many ways! The first thing residents will notice is the visual improvement of the streetscape. By adding gardens, the normal look or “plain-ness” of a typical highway corridor will be softened. The local
residents begin to take pride in the appearance of their enhanced roadways. Tourism gets a boost from the SAGE Program, however the main benefit is private dollars to help filter stormwater runoff at the source. Simply stated, the Program will beautify the City and improve the water quality of the Chesapeake Bay.

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1. What is SAGE HAMPTON?
2. Where did SAGE begin?
3. Where is the funding for a SAGE HAMPTON Program derived?
4. How will Hampton benefit from the program?
5. How do I get a garden?
6. What is the price range of donations?
7. Who approves the garden designs, locations and signage?
8. How long is my sponsorship for?
9. What if my garden and / or sign become damaged / discolored during the 5-year period?
10. Who is responsible for maintenance?
11. Is there a SAGE website?