How do I get a job at SBNP?
Announcement can by found on-line, flyers at the park, and on SBNP Facebook page. All application must be submitted on-line through the HIRE system.

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1. Can I drive my car to the camp grounds to unload my camping stuff?
2. Does Sandy Bottom offer camping?
3. Does the park provide wood for the campers?
4. Are campfires allowed?
5. What if I have a fire during the Burn Law?
6. Where did the animals in the Wildlife Education Area come from?
7. Are personal water craft allowed in the lakes?
8. Are you allowed to ride bikes on the trails?
9. Can I take the fish I catch home?
10. Is fishing allowed from the shoreline?
11. Is SBNP is state park?
12. How do I get a job at SBNP?
13. What activities can I make a reservation for?
14. How far in advance can I make reservations?
15. Can my dog go into the bark park?
16. What is required for my dog to go into the bark park?
17. When is the bark park open?
18. When is the park open?
19. When is the Nature Center open?
20. Is alcohol allowed in the park?
21. Does is cost to go into the Nature Center?
22. Is my dog allowed to be off the leash?
23. Are dogs allowed at the park?
24. Why is my child not allowed in the bark park?
25. Can I drive to the fishing pier to drop off my equipement?
26. Can I bring a motor to put on a rented jon boat?
27. Do you rent bicycles?
28. Do you sell bait?
29. Do you sell fishing licenses?
30. Can I take home plants or animals from the park?