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1. General Question - How do I create a desktop shortcut to the Kronos Quick Timestamp page?
2. General Question - As a supervisor, how do I sign on to my own information (for example, to request leave)?
3. General Question - What are the ways for an employee to clock in if they refuse to put the Kronos app on their personal smartphone?
4. General Question - What if we forget to approve our own time card?
5. General Question - Does the supervisor of a group reassign an employee to a new group?
6. General Question - Can there be dual alerts for those who report to multiple supervisors?
7. General Question - Can the employee see if the supervisor has changed the employee’s time card and what that change is?
8. General Question - Can a manager approve an employee’s time card without the employee approving?
9. General Question - If I want to take 3 days off, but want to use 1 personal day and 2 vacation days, do I have to submit multiple requests?
10. General Question - What if the supervisor is out and cannot approve my timecard?