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1. Who should I call for the following: overflow, sewer odor, requesting repair or replacement of manhole cover or clean-out cap?
2. How can I reach your 3-1-1 Customer Call Center?
3. What is an overflow and where do they normally occur?
4. What causes the manhole to overflow?
5. How would I know if the overflow was from a sewer manhole or from a drainage manhole?
6. Can I have an overflow from the sewer pipe in my yard?
7. Does an overflow of the sewer system pose a health risk to me?
8. What do I do if there is not an overflow or a stoppage, but I smell a sewer odor?
9. Who do I call to get a manhole cover or a clean-out cap repaired or replaced?
10. What kind of information do I need to give the city when I report an overflow?